When I started arTchitect, my mission was to build what will go down in history as one of the most diversified, innovative, and forward-thinking companies in Africa. I am still very far from completing that mission but the foundation has been set. I am also proud to say that more than 20 people have bought into that vision after following me for years, seeing the impact I have been able to create with my ideas and drive.

I have always believed my vision is one that can only come to live through inclusion. That is why I decided very early on, that over the years as growth demanded, I will give up shares of the company to people who buy into my vision. As of the date of me writing this note, I have already given up 5% of the company and I am willing to give up more.

I am not only looking for money. What interests me more is being in partnership with people who share my vision and see the long-term benefits of being part of the company. I am not looking for people who are looking for a quick way to flip their cash. The nature of the work the company is set to accomplish calls for a different mindset.

To invest, send an email to foy@artchitect.xyz with subject “Investing in arTchitect”